How do we protect our users?

TalkLife is committed to creating a space where our users can speak freely and help others get through difficult periods. Whilst we're committed to maintaining the openness of the community, we also feel a responsibility for doing what we can to protect our users.

Protecting our users is something we take extremely seriously. With every update, we continue to release features that strengthen the security of our community and ensure that users who need help have access to the most appropriate service

Some of our major safeguarding tools and strategies are listed below:

Community moderation

The TalkLife community play a large part of the TalkLife moderation. TalkLife members have the ability to flag content and users who are posting offensive or potentially harmful content. We use a mixture of automated removal of inappropriate posts and a global team of volunteer moderators. Explicit language and graphic terms are filtered from posts before posting.

Global team of volunteer moderators - ‘The Anti Bullying Crew’

TalkLife invites it’s highly engage users to become part of the Anti-Bullying Crew. It’s a group of TalkLife users who have permission to remove unhelpful posts from the feed and keep an eye out for explicit content. All Anti Bullying Crew posts are monitored by one of our administrators.

TalkLife Administrators

Our TalkLife administrators review flagged content and can directly remove posts made by members of the community. Posts that contain violent, discriminatory, unlawful, infringing, hateful, pornographic or sexually suggestive posts, pro-self harm and posts that may romanticize self harm will be removed promptly.

Trigger Warnings system

Our new Trigger Warnings system allows users to select themes that may be distressing for their TalkLife journey. We then work to filter these posts from their feed.

Emergency Professional Help Services

The TalkLife SafetyNet identifies posts that may indicate that a user is in crisis, and displays an emergency service phone number, kids helplines and local mental health organisations across the United States, Australia and Europe. We also prompt such users to contact a friend and seek support.

A Professional Help button is also displayed prominently within the app menu, directing users to 24/7 emergency help lines in their area.

Suspension of accounts

Users who violate our guidelines for use are warned via the messaging platform in application, then suspended from use for 48 hours. Users who are repeat offenders are then blocked for a further 7 days and then a lifetime ban.

Confirmation of Email Addresses

Users are required to sign up and confirm email addresses before they are able to use TalkLife to maximise accountability and minimise ‘trolling’.

Cacet Global

We have partnered with Cacet Global, who specialise in child abuse prevention and protection strategies, and are working them to ensure we are doing the best we can to protect users

Security of Data

User privacy is taken very seriously at TalkLife. Personal data, user names and email addresses, device tokens and passwords are all encrypted and stored securely on Rackspace servers. Users are able to remove all posts and delete there accounts with ease via our settings page